Vraiment* savour’eaze

To meet consumers’ diversity and innovative expectations, Darégal’s culinary experts have developed Vraiment* Exceptional, Vraiment* Traditional or Vraiment* Audacious recipes. This is how the Vraiment* SAVOUR’EAZE range transcends whoever tastes it. The range of Vraiment* SAVOUR’EAZE have a Vraiment* Smooth Texture with True Ingredients, easily identified through both visual and gustatory senses. Ready-to-use, they are incorporated hot or cold as a final touch. With their beautiful ingredients, these culinary aids are Vraiment* rich in flavours and offer a True symphony of tastes. Vraiment* SAVOUR’EAZE, the final touch to enhance flavours in all your dishes : Vraiment* Thaï, Vraiment* Pesto, Vraiment* Provençale, Vraiment* Italienne, Vraiment* Orientale, Vraiment* Chimichurri. * = Truly Press Contact: Aurélie MICHEL – +33 1 64 98 29 12