VAPODIL, professional dry steam cleaner

VAPODIL is the professional dry steam cleaner the most compact and ergonomic of its generation. VAPODIL can be used to realize all sorts of cleaning tasks: clean the windows, eradicate dust mites, freshen the pillows, dust the curtains and furniture, purify the air, eliminate the smell and sanitize the sanitary installations. VAPODIL puts the human factor at the heart of its innovation. It prevents and diminishes RSIs (repetitive strain injuries) by reducing repetitive movements as well as awkward postures and, at the same time, improving the work quality. It fights against chemicals by using the efficiency of the dry steam in order to eliminate ground-in and hard-to-reach dirt. VAPODIL, partner of the CRAMIF (the health insurance authority for the Ile de France region) in the ERGO ROOM capsule Pavilion 4 – stand B 115