“Triomphe”: traditional cutlery re-interpreted

Classic lines meet modern-day design: With “Triomphe”, the new cutlery model, WMF Professional has successfully infused modern spirit into its traditional “Augsburger Faden” pattern. The re-interpreted design keeps the much-loved forms and style-shaping elements of the classical period, but dispenses with the older, more ponderous undertones. And so when it comes to meeting modern-day expectations for classic cutlery in terms of expression and elegance, Triomphe is a crowning success right down the line. Of the generous lengths these days required by quality table culture and perfectly capable of ranging alongside porcelainware of modern sizes and forms, all the items in this cutlery range have handles with all-round decorative tendril edging. Other characteristic features of the collection are the sophisticated design work at the bolster and the voluptuous but harmonic proportions.