Speakhotel, the hotel industry app

Speakhotel is a start-up launched in September 2016. It has created an application dedicated to the hotel industry in order to ease clients’ stay at hotels and make it more pleasant. The application is built around 3 spaces: the first one gathers all the information regarding the hotel; the second one displays the restaurants, convenience stores, as well as the places where to go out or to visit in the surroundings; allows to choose an available taxi in front of the hotel according to the client’s own criteria; and also to find a tour guide, etc. The third space promotes meetings between the connected clients inside the hotel, either for business conversations, informal exchanges or maybe more. A section is specifically reserved to youngsters, so that they can talk together and meet. The application is first officially launched in France, Luxemburg and Belgium in the framework of the Equip’Hôtel show of the 9th of November, 2016.