Série toulouse

Since 1818, Pillivuyt has combined French elegance with exceptional properties in form as well as in function and strength. Durable and long-lasting but still in step with the times. With the series Toulouse, Pillivuyt returns to its roots by providing a range of sophisticated and functional culinary porcelain that is fun and pleasing to the eye but very practical for everyday use. The pleats so identified with Pillivuyt’s style are used on the base to reflect the technical skill in producing these dishes, while the arch of our kiln doors provides the inspiration for the shape of the handle. The wide assortment of this range can satisfy all tastes with dinnerware and casseroles, molds for pastries and an induction kettle for tea and broths. Pillivuyt . Pavillon 7.2 / Stand B043 Contact : claire.calvarin@pillivuyt.fr