Série Montmartre 1900

Since 1818, Pillivuyt has combined French elegance with exceptional properties in form as well as in function and strength. Durable and long-lasting but still in step with the times. The Montmartre 1900 series inspired by the history of Pillivuyt and its iconic products invites us to rediscover gourmet cuisine in a bistro atmosphere. The spirit of the collection is based on a subtle balance between the shapes and the elegance of the early 20th century and more contemporary details. Iconic pieces from the Pillivuyt brand – such as the Bar à pans cup created during the “Belle Epoque” – are revisited and products with familiar shapes are reinterpreted. Pieces in this collection are designed to create a refined feeling with flavors of yesteryear. Pillivuyt . Pavillon 7.2 / Stand B043 Contact : claire.calvarin@pillivuyt.fr