Sands experience by italgraniti

EXCELLENCE IN STONE INSPIRATION. Sands Experience is the range of porcelain stoneware surfaces created by Italgraniti to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of modern architecture. 1. Natural, gloss and three-dimensional finishes in the 9.5 mm thickness, for indoor and outdoor use. 2. Outdoor 20 mm: extra-thick surfaces for outdoor use, drive-over and indestructible. 3. Mega, the amazing new 120×240 and 120×120 cm slabs just 6 mm thick. BEAUTY AND SAFETY. The Sands Experience anti-slip surfaces combine beauty with safety. The surface texture and patterning are designed to be pleasant to walk over, safe, and lovely to look at. SURFACES WITHOUT LIMITS. The exciting new 120×240 and 120×120 cm sizes drastically reduce the number of joints, conquer the world of continuous surfaces and, with the solidity of Italgraniti porcelain stoneware, overcome any architectural challenge. For all public surfaces, Sands Experience is also incomparably easy to clean.