PLYCOLLECTION new standard color for Zesty chair

PLYCOLLECTION is offering selected chair collection for public and private interiors. Our chairs are for those who love wood, respect nature and want to bring this pure beauty into their everyday life. Organic forms and lightness of the chair in combination with extremely strong plywood technology make ZESTY suitable for any public or private environment. With a minimum of material and a maximum of comfort and style it brings out the best of moulded plywood. ZESTY is assembled by 3 parts only and weights as little as 3 kg. ZESTY is stackable up to 15 pieces Now we are launching the Zesty chair in bright turquoise color as one of the standard available colors. Turquoise color gives a great accent to an elegant and modern interior, and our Zesty chair perfectly fits for that purpose. Welcome to the world of elegant, light and comfortable chairs! Stand L066