Perfect espresso. Handmade, automatically

WMF espresso ushers in a new era for portafilters : Those who seek the perfection of full automation with the coffee culture of a portafilter will immediately find what they are looking for with WMF. Pioneering an entirely new machine era, the WMF espresso represents a revolutionary type of coffee-making. Even with little technical know-how, users can now make the perfect espresso and café crème. The whole process is characterised by complete reliability and constantly high coffee quality – without time-consuming and costly training. All potential sources of error in the manual preparation of coffee specialities have now been eliminated by WMF engineers and replaced by automatic processes. The result: traditional coffee culture at the touch of a button. The clear lines and timeless design of the WMF espresso, winner of the 2015 iF Design Award, underscore this aspiration. Anyone can be a barista!