Lustrous effects for a high-class table ambience

WMF presents decorative surface finishes for cutlery: Glass-bead blasting. WMF Professional is meeting this sustained desire for out-of-the-ordinary flatware with a new, more delicate form of finishing: glass-bead-blasted cutlery has a silky matt character combined with a totally homogeneous surface that adds a hand-charming quality. Microscopically small glass beads are blasted at high pressure against an item of cutlery. The end effect is a silky-matt lustre and a uniform appearance. Enhanced robustness is a positive side-effect: cutlery finished in this way is less susceptible than the polished counterparts to dirtying, and is also extremely resistant. Every cutlery collection from WMF Professional can be re-interpreted with this process, because the magic also works on stainless-steel hollowware such as sugar bowls, flower vases or trays and bread dishes, which can all be finished by glass-bead blasting to add even more attractiveness to a catering ambience.