Kiki l’éclaireur – light by kiki l’éclaireur

Faithfull to its attachment to excellency, LIGHT by KIKI L’ECLAIREUR respects rigorous manufacturing criteria: handcrafted in France using artisanal techniques reserved for luxury items, the light pieces are created from unique, authentic and ancient items. The reasons behind company’s ongoing success. For the new limited edition, LIGHT by KIKI L’ECLAIREUR takes us back to the beginning of the XX century to typically French grocery stores and to our grandmothers’ cupboards, where preciously protected in steel boxes, rested rare delicacies. The new light pieces are exclusively made from the very emblematic for the period items: superb BANANIA hot chocolate and KUB stock cubes steel boxes, all dating back to the early 1900s. The centenary design, still so graphically striking and elegant, breaths in a new kind of magic into the light pieces. The modern and pure lines of the new LIGHT by KIKI L’ECLAIREUR collection bring a touch of luxury to classic interiors or contemporary spaces.