KAAN Laundry Equipment Expert – Stand B162 Pav. 4

Company profile: Our Company and our factory are situated in South Tyrol, Italy, where we manufacture ironers ourself. We are for 30 years manufacturers of the world-wide most comprehensive assortment of drying ironers (32-70 cm Ø), which we distribute on national and international market with success and best satisfaction of our numerous customers. The advantages of our drying ironers: The laundry taken out of a washer extractor can be perfectly dried and ironed also with the remaining humidity in only one passage. Hanging up and removing (or give in a tumble dryer and extract it again), annoying folding and injecting are not needed. Energy saving and time gaining as well as careful handling of the laundry are thus ensured. KAAN LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT EXPERT Gostner Wiese 1 39053 Prato Isarco/Blumau BZ Tel. +39 0471 35 33 16 Fax +39 0471 35 33 19 info@kaan.it www.kaan.it