CITYLIFE Sorbet Cream Press File

CITYLIFE TO THE RESCUE Surrounded on all sides, the skin needs reinforcement. As an expert in skin depollution for 15 years, PHYTOMER has developed a shield cream with a reset effect: CITLYIFE Face and Eyes Sorbet Cream. Its goal: protect the skin from pollution, exfiltrate all the enemies and repair any already established damage: great tiredness, dehydration, dark spots and early wrinkles. DEPOLLUTION FROM THE SEA Like a sea breeze, CITYLIFE sweeps away toxic microparticles and repairs skin damage caused by pollution. Its prowess comes not only from its sorbet texture, in perfect affinity with the skin, but also from its pioneering anti-pollution formula composed of: – CITYSAFE complex, a trio of anti-pollution biotech marine sugars. – OLIGOMER®, an emblematic ingredient of the brand, providing true mineral replenishment for the skin. Also suitable for the eye contour, CITYLIFE reoxygenates tired eyes.