Chicopee showcases new floor range at Paris show

The new short-term use Microfibre Floor Mop range from Chicopee allows cleaning professionals to either dry or wet mop floors quickly, efficiently and with maximum results. Designed for use with Chicopee’s innovative Fluid Mopping System, the tool allows users to release fluid onto the floor as they mop. Unlike traditional mopping systems, this system allows users to mop between 50-100m2 depending on whether they choose the Economy or Light version of the mop. Chicopee is also launching its Microfibre Floor Mop Super. This is designed to be used like a traditional floor mop, being impregnated in a bucket on the cleaning trolley. Specifically designed for patient room cleaning where 20m2 coverage is vital, and hygiene is the highest priority, this mop and Chicopee’s traditional dust mopping range can be used in combination with the Chicopee Extension Handle Mop & Zip Channel frame, for a more efficient dry dust mopping.