Brushless Blender 62

Santos, the specialist of commercial electrical equipment dedicated to bars since 1954, introduces its new improvement on the Blender Brushless #62: The Dual Crushing Action. Thanks to its patented two-way rotation of the blade, Santos offers the only blender in the world, which can turn both ways and crush any kind of ingredients in a few seconds (ex: hard ice cubes, frozen fruits …). The Brushless Blender #62 is the ideal appliance for juice bars and coffee shops. It makes any kind of cocktails, smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, granitas, and iced coffee frappe thanks to the 30 preprogrammed recipes. You have also the possibility to create your own recipes using the software provided by Santos (built-in USB port). The key feature of this appliance is its brushless motor, which is unique on the market. This motor, without carbon brushes, offers many advantages: – Low maintenance – Long lifetime – Silence – Excellent energy efficiency