Arola by Ramon Soler: cascade of life

You can’t stand still if you want to stay in the vanguard of design. Aware of this, Ramon Soler seeks constant improvement and development by working with such outstanding designers as Toni Arola. The result: a new collection of taps designed to reduce consumption of finite natural resources. This new collection from Ramon Soler is embellished by a pure, modern design and features cascade-effect water flow. The Arola by Ramon Soler collection uses the most appropriate technology for each type of tap: that is why basin, bidet and the kitchen taps are fitted with gradually opening cold water cartridges whilst bath and shower taps are thermostatic. Fitting basin taps with gradually opening cartridges is a highly advanced, functional and ecological solution that saves on both water and energy. Returning to nature helps us to restore life, and Arola by Ramon Soler transports us to a paradise where daily ablutions are enhanced by natural cascades.